Israeli Contributions..... Really?

Israeli Contributions

My intelligence is insulted ( yours should be too ) by anybody who says: Israel - 60 years of contributions .....

Its a real mockery indeed .....

I mean ... Give me:

1- 130 billion dollars ( from the united states alone - not to mention help by other western countries ) .... ( and large amounts of money made a truly big difference 60 years ago where the time value makes it really huge ) next to many many billions of dollars from very many many charitable people world wide

2- Huge Corporate support from so many large corporations worldwide ( Boycott is necessary as a weapon against these offendors ) - through funding, opening RnD centers and investing heavily in educational infrastructure , and complete readiness to act as i demand. We need to have a complete boycott campaign against these israeli supporters .... Its the minimum western consumers can do as well to communicate their stand

3- Unconditional International support, diplomatically, militarily and economically

4- A huge network of support spread accross the west, in media, in political institutions, think tanks, corporations, banks, colleges, other .., that would give me all the necessary help to achieve goals

5- The magical ability to scare, indiminate anybody who disagrees, opposes or doesnt do exactly what i want by calling him 'Nazi' or 'Anti-semitic' urging further unconditional and unquestionable support ... ( I think I would love that more than a magic wand :) :) ) ... There a second group of people that i just can kill, and then use the magical ability to silence any objections.

Give me all the above ( scientific, economic, political and social 'unconditional' and 'unquestionable' ) support ( I am so generous that I dont even need you to involve the time value of money ) and I promise that in 30 years ( not 60 ) I will have created immortal, rainbow-colored human beings with an IQ of 360 minimum, who can fly, communicate telapathically, and fa** giant balls of fire .... ( well maybe a bit less, but something to that extent ) ...

I will surely then have somebody create a thread called 'Ahmad - 30 years of contributions' .... and try to force people forget the killing ...
STOP Insulting our Intelligence PLEASE !!!

( Oh and western people .. stop admiring anything about 'israel' please )

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